Saturday, October 24, 2009

Public House Wedding

Today's wedding was purple,rust, lime green,golds and
orange. A bright festive color combination!
This arrangement was made in a large red cabbage.

The altar.

The ceiling at the Federated Church was beautiful!

Ornamental cabbage, ornamental peppers, purple stock,
roses, gerbera and lime dendrobian orchids.

A busy day at the Public House.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Upcoming design classes

I have completed the schedule for the classes I will be offering between now and Christmas.

November 19th -Thursday- Artificial Holiday Wreath- $60.00
November 24th -Tuesday- Thanksgiving centerpiece- $45.00

December 3rd - Thursday- Fresh Holiday Wreath - $45.00
December 10th- Thursday- Boxwood Tree- $50.00
December 11th - Friday - Mantle decorating - $ 75.00
December 17th - Thursday - Christmas table centerpiece - $ 45.00

All classes will be held at the studio from 7-9 PM and include instruction and all materials needed.
Reserve as soon as you can. A great night out for friends!

Monday, October 19, 2009

March of Dimes fundraiser at Mechanics Hall

Last night at Mechanics Hall was a fundraiser for the
March of Dimes. I did three different pieces for them.
Lime green hydrangea, orange gerbera, roses, assorted
foliage and small viking poms. What a bright piece!

One of my favorite designs-a tall vase with lilies,
hydrangea, apple blossom and curly willow branches!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Road trip wedding!

Had a wedding at the Equinox Resort in Manchester Village
Vermont on Monday. The flowers were white hydrangea, white roses,
white dendrobian orchids, snapdragons, white spray roses, white
lilies with seeded eucalyptus.

These are some pictures of the hotel off the Equinox web site. What
a beautiful place for a fall wedding and what great weather yesterday!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Columbus Day Parade on Shrewsbury Street

My son Jay had a great day at the parade today. He
said to me tonight," thanks for inviting me". Jay was the
picture taker today! I think he did a wonderful job! Thanks Jay!

Jay has my same love for cars and trucks as you can tell by
his pictures.

Glass artisan Nick Mazzamurro

I am carrying a line of dichroic glass jewelry in the studio.
It is had made by glass artisan Nick Mazzamurro. His work is
incredible. Even though it is one of the most difficult works
to photograph I gave it my best. You really have to see it
in the right light (not over exposed). It is beautiful and takes
a really long time to make!

Hard to see in the pictures but some of my favorites are the
matte finish glass pieces that make up bracelets!