Friday, March 13, 2009

Brown Orchids? Who would have ever thought!!!

Back when I first started in the flower business (1978)
I would have thought, how awful, BROWN orchids.
This morning in market I paid more for this stem of
orchids than I paid for a tank of gas yesterday!
Variety - Cymbidium- "MANON"

They are exquisite!!!!!

The Flower Van retires

After 8 years of service the old blue van has been retired.
Quite often I heard " I saw you the other day", it was hard not
to miss! I joked with my kids that they would have to take
the flower van when they got older and started dating.
It will be missed!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Engagement Party-Art Museum Saturday night

We used a beautiful
selection of flowering quince
branches, curly willow, orchids,
roses, calla lilies, tulips & hydrangea.

This urn is 15 feet tall!!!

Worcester Art Museum Engagement Party